All Round Use

These fresh ramen noodles are perfect for every type of soup base and use including tonkotsu, miso, shoyu, tsukemen.


Specially crafted for tonkotsu broth, these tonkotsu fresh ramen noodles are thinner and contain less moisture, which results in a nice firmer texture.


These vegan fresh ramen noodles contain no animal byproduct, but maintain a nice ramen texture. Try them hot or cold.


Thinking of putting Tsukemen or Mazemen on your menu? We offer a variety of fresh ramen noodles your customers will love.

Small Portion

We additionally provide smaller portions of fresh ramen noodles perfect for a combo meal or kids menu.


Gyoza Wrapper

Available in round and square shapes, these gyoza wrappers are thicker than our retail gyoza wrappers and have a mochi-mochi texture.

Soup Base