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At Myojo USA, we pride ourselves in our craftsmanship. From the noodle textures and shapes all the way to the various types of flour we choose, we carefully create specific noodles that match specific soups.

Our noodles are all about maintaining freshness and providing an authentic Japanese noodle experience for our customers. We make a conscious effort in producing noodles of high quality texture in both, retail and food services products.

How do we make our noodles?

Step 1. Prep and Mix

Our basic noodles are made from 2 main ingredients: Wheat flour and water. Secondary ingredients include kansui (alkaline water), eggs, salt, and other flours. The texture and color of the noodles will vary, depending on the type of ingredients. The ingredients are mixed together and turned into sheets.

Step 2. Cut the Noodles

The sheets are cut into noodles, which can have different shapes and thicknesses. The shape of noodles are either straight or wavy, and the thickness of noodles depend on the slitter size. The bigger the slitter size, the thinner the noodles. The noodles are then sorted and organized into a single serving ball of noodles.

Step 3. Pack & Ship

After letting the noodles rest, the noodles are packaged and boxed (noodles are packaged individually or in bulks, depending on the items). Once the noodles are packaged and ready to go, the noodles are shipped to a distributor. During this process, the noodles are kept frozen to maintain fresh quality. Our noodles are delivered to restaurants and supermarkets in the US, Canada, and Mexico!