Are the noodles individually packaged or does it all come in one bag?

Our ramen noodles are either individually packaged or 5 portions are packed in one bag. Our yakisoba noodles are all individually packaged.

How long will your noodles last after thawing?

After thawing, noodles must be kept in refrigerated conditions (4ᵒC/40ᵒF) and consumed within 3 weeks.

Which noodles are the least likely to get soggy?

All our noodles don’t get soggy easily, but out of all, we adjusted the ingredient ratios/flour type/water levels the most for Hiramen #8 (44196), Hiramen #14 (28873), #16 Specialty Wavy (04435), Tonkotsu #24 Straight (49578) will last the longest.

Which noodles are vegan and/or vegetarian?

Check out our Vegan noodles product page here!

Do you sell any Gluten-Free noodles?

Unfortunately, not at the moment, but we hope to create GF noodles in the future!