Do you sell the Vegetarian Shoyu Soup Base in bottles?

No, we only sell them in packets (1 box = 340 packets).

After opening, how long will soup bases last?

After opening, soup bases must be kept in refrigerated conditions (4ᵒC/40ᵒF) and consumed within 1 month.

Do you include any seafood in your soup bases?

We include seafood in Shoyu Tonkotsu Soup Base (Item #16339), but the others do not.

Do your soup bases include chicken and pork?

Chicken is used in Premium Shoyu Soup Base (42095), and Shoyu Soup Base (62906); pork is used in Shio Tonkotsu Soup Base (19620); chicken and pork are used in Shoyu Tonkotsu Soup Base (16339)and Miso Soup Base (04339).

How many servings are included per bottle?

Soup base bottles are either 1.89 liters (64 fl oz) or 2 liters (70.55 fl oz). One bottle is equivalent to approximately 60 servings.

Do your soup bases include MSG?

Yes, we include MSG in all of our soup bases.

Do you carry any spicy soup bases?

At the moment, no.

After opening, do soup bases need to be stored in the refrigerator?

Yes, soup bases must be kept refrigerated (4ᵒC/40ᵒF) after being opened.

How do I store unopened soup base bottles?

Unopened soup base bottles can be kept at room temperature for up to 9 months after production.

How do I read the production date of the soup base?

Written in Julian date code, read from left to right, it represents the last digit of the year and the day of the year (ex: the code for a product made on 01/01/2021 would be 1001). 

What is the difference between the Premium Shoyu Soup Base (Item #42095) and the Shoyu Soup Base (Item #62906)?

Both have chicken broth and chicken extract as bases. Premium Shoyu Soup Base (Item #42095) has a soft, vegetable umami flavor, while Shoyu Soup Base (Item #62906) has a refreshing classic Tokyo shoyu flavor.

Are there any vegetarian soup bases?

Yes! Our Vegetarian Shoyu Soup Base Packet (1 box = 340 packets) is vegetarian. 
We do not carry any vegan soup bases currently.