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Bowl Udon Beef

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Bowl Udon Beef

When you’re on the go, our Bowl Udon Beef is a convenient way to enjoy your favorite Myojo udon noodles! Try adding some leftover beef for a quick full meal!

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-1 serving
-5.64 oz (160g)

-Contains wheat, soy

1. Open noodles, soup base, and dried vegetable packs, and put them in the bowl.
2. Pour room temperature water up to the line inside the bowl.
3. Microwave uncovered for 3 min on HIGH.
4. Mix well and serve.

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One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch

Rated 3 out of 5
October 6, 2021

I purchased the authentic Japanese Udon noodles. One of my packs did not come with the seasoning. I wanted to give you guys a heads up in case there was more packages without any seasoning. I’ve attached a picture of the front and back of the packaging.

Bridget Mundorff

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