Hiroshima-style Ippei-Chan Okonomiyaki

  • 2 servings
  • 20 mins

Myojo USA x Keizo Shimamoto Collaboration Recipe
Hiroshima-style Ippei-Chan Okonomiyaki!

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Ippei-Chan Yakisoba

2 servings

Cook Time
20 mins





  • 2 servings Ippei-Chan Yakisoba


  • 2 packets Ippei-Chan Yakisoba Sauce


  • 100 g Okonomiyaki Flour
  • 100 ml Water
  • 300 g Sliced Cabbage
  • 60 g Bean Sprouts
  • 20 g Green Onion
  • 10 slices Thinly Sliced Pork
  • 2 Eggs
  • Aonori
  • Katsuobushi
  • Tenkasu
  • Salad Oil


  • Mix okonomiyaki flour and water to make batter.  Make sure there are no clumps.
  • Oil fry pan or skillet on medium heat and add ¾ of batter to make a large circle.
  • Place (in order) Katsuobushi, Cabbage, Moyashi, Negi, and Tenkasu on top of the pancake.
  • Then layer sliced pork and cover with remaining batter.
  • Flip the entire pancake and cook for about 5 minutes.
  • In a different pan, steam yakisoba noodles until warm and separated.
  • When noodles are ready, place the entire pancake on top of the noodles.
  • Oil skillet and crack the egg and make it the same size as the pancake.
  • Place the pancake on top of the egg and flip when ready.
  • Smother the top with Ippei-chan yakisoba sauce packet and karashi mayo.
  • Sprinkle Aonori and Enjoy!

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